What brand rod not is absolute,A famous brand one thousand yuan rod great doesn't mean it's one hundred yuan rod performance-to-price ratio is high quality,The following such general rod brands have already can't meet the demand of the choose and buy of DiaoYou
Rod brand list000000-00-0-0-0-0、GlowayGW 2、Treasure dragonBARFILON 3、FujiFUJIFISHING ... Click the show all of them
We absorb the DiaoYou suggestion,Fully understand the differentiation of DiaoYou demand,Comparison of different level price the best fishing rod,Into the following acclaimed grade rod,According to their own requirements, please click to view the following rod list,Rod can find your need:
10 rod brand list

Ten big famous brand of fishing rod

To introduce the most famous brand of fishing rod,Understanding brand characteristics and story。
Entry-level rod

Entry-level rod word list

100Yuan and the following price public praise the best performance-to-price ratio highest fishing rod is introduced to get started,Suitable for small budgets DiaoYou or beginners。
In the end rod

In the end rod list of word of mouth

200~澳门真人现金娱乐官网Yuan price of rod,The price of rod than entry-level has greater improvement on quality and painting work,Hold the feeling will be better。
High-end rod in the list

In the high-end rod list of word of mouth

澳门真人现金娱乐官网~800Yuan price of high-end fishing rod,The price of rod quality is good,Do manual work is delicate,In the design more elegant to get a better grip handle。
List of high-end rod

High-end rod list of word of mouth

1000Yuan price of high-end rod,Suitable for sufficient budget and high-end DiaoYou,With great concentration on design make the grip handle to excel,Our quality is much better,Coating workmanship is exquisite。
Flagship rod list

High-end flagship rod list of word of mouth

The brand's flagship rod products,Each brand all use the best material、The best design、The best process create's signature,Is the fishing enthusiasts dream“Artifact”。
Hot spot is recommended
The winter in the north,Freeze,Outdoor fishing must be carried out“Ice fishing”,The ice XiaDiao。And in the south is different,Winter can still be on the surface of the water to fish。Moderate sunlight in winter、The air is clean,The flavour to sit by the lake,Winter fishing has its seasonal characteristics:One is the winter fishing freshwater fish mainly...Read the details
In the depths of winter every year,Cold north lake ice,At this time to drink a cup of ice hole don't have interesting to fishing。At four o 'clock ice fishing exquisite:Days,Fishing tackle,Bait nest,Fishing。Days to warm in the cold,Select temperature difference in5℃About Yin warm day out fishing,And to pay attention to at any time...Read the details
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Rod test
A、Check the surface of the rod body color
1、The color of the fishing rod with the preferences of the consumers,But transparent lacquer coating is better,Due to the transparent paint hardness is good,Not easy off paint,Easy to see material flaws,Other color shop primer,The weight of the primer as too thick can aggravate the fishing rod,The coordination of that affect the fishing rod,And the surface color easy off paint shop primer...Read the details
The choice of the fishing rod
A well-made aesthetically pleasing fishing rod,Not only can let you enjoy the pleasure of fishing and fun,More can reduce energy consumption and ensure the quantity and weight of the fish,So how to choose fishing rod,Become the problem that is very important to beginners。Every one rod has its applicability and pertinence,In the beginning of choice to buy the novice,Should be based on a number of factors to select the fishing rod。
How to choose a suitable fishing rod,Should from the following several aspects to consider...Read the details
In the wind、Waves of yi“Drift”In the case,Choose a right float is the key to the success of fishing。After numerous fishing of long-term exploration,We found that the use of a floating body is shorter、Drift and drift float pointed long water droplets can help us to overcome or slow down the flow of the impact of the fishing group。Based on the general analysis of the experience,Fishing in the wind waves of high waters,Is generated“Drift”Mainly by the cause of the surface part of the wind blowing and the bottom part of the flow impact...Read the details