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What isSPCThe floor

What isSPCThe floor

SPCOre floor is calcium powder as the main raw material,After high temperature plastic extrusion sheet,Four roll calender heat membrane adornment layer and wear-resisting layer,Water coolingUVSpray paint production line processing,Does not contain heavy metals harmful material with formaldehyde,Is100%Does not contain formaldehyde of environmental protection floor。
Why do you chooseSPCThe floor

Why do you chooseSPCThe floor

SPCThe biggest difference between the ore with traditional floor by floor is waterproof,Environmental protection,Wear-resisting,Such as fire prevention,SPCThe floor is to use calcium powder、Additives after hot rolling,Surface adds wear-resisting layer production,Does not contain formaldehyde。
International with money Popular in the world

International with money Popular in the world

So far,This is the world's most popular pop polymer floor decoration materials,Space impressionSPCFloor exports in North America、Europe、Southeast Asia、The floor of South America...Before and after adding hundreds of specific style of decorative paper。
Our service concept

Our service concept

Over the years,Space impression has been fundamental for green low carbon,With the advanced design of products,High quality as our duty,In meticulous detail service as the highest purpose,Efforts to build“Are of good quality、Hundred years of service”The spatial impression of household brand。

SPCSuper healthy and free from aldehydes and other composite floor by floor

1、Convenient installation of high strength lock system 2、The back of high-grade mute moistureproof mat 3、The ground has a tiny flaw can also be installed 4、Do not need to make a lot of processing can be installed on the floor 5、Suitable for the relatively high temperature ?6、The article is suitable for large area shop without connection7、Can be installed in the sunlight room for a long time 8、Good sound insulation effect 9,Completely waterproof 10、Contains no plasticizer 11、Zero - formaldehyde ?12、Shock and the surface resistance to stress 13、Suitable for straight type fast installation system

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Space impression

Space impressionSPCAvirulent insipidity floor can do so,Not afraid of water、Not afraid of fire、Not afraid;SPCThe floor more save natural resources;Scratch resistance,Resource use,Skid resistance,SPCThe floor is better than that of laminate flooring。SPCThe floor surface does not have a hole,Don't ooze water;There will be no seam after joining together,After the stains,Try the wipe gently with the cloth,Can be clean easily,Doesn't leave difficult to remove,Also do not need to use special maintenance product maintenance。International cultural art essenceSPCThe floor is a high-end personage pursuit of choice for high-grade life taste and enjoy。

  • SPCSuper health without aldehyde floor

    Super wear-resisting:The wear-resisting revolution is up to10000Turn
    Fire retardant:ShakedownBflLevel
    Super waterproof:Can be washed clean
    Suitable for a variety of shop environment
    Super lock pull installation convenient and quick
    Impact resistance:The foot feels comfortable feel good
    Super non-slip:Glue water waste feeling more astringent condition
    Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion:No heavy metal content

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