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Build environment,Create value

Craig household co., LTD. Is a company engaged in hubeiEnshi custom furnitureEnshi whole house customizationEnshi household、Hubei home such as the production of household、Sales、Wholesale products and services such as home company。The products sell well in enshi、Yichang、Hubei, etc。Craig household co., LTD., founded in hubei2015Years,Is a complete intelligent production management center,Provide the customers with the whole house furniture personalized custom services,Is advocates and one-stop household solutions provider。Company withC2M“The factory store”Direct sales model,Between the consumer and manufacturing plant set up a direct channel,No middlemen,Only sell goods,Overturns the traditional business model of layer upon layer distribution。This new wood products made front shop, back factory direct sales model,Formed to privatisation custom、Transparent factory、Low carbon environmental protection、Factory cost4Big characteristic,To large household experience pavilion and modern wood factory made perfect fusion。Ziggy by Internet+And the industry4.0Thinking to build transparent chemical plant,The production technology and quality of transparent。The company are all made ofNANXING&EXCITECHIntelligent robot production line. Hardware integration Germany Heidi poetry、German imported accessories, such as xia te facing resources create ziggy high quality custom furniture. Ziggy household is dedicated to the vast majority of consumers to provide quality and cheap the whole wooden products,Custom products cover kitchen integral hutch ark,Guest dining room、The bedroom、The study、Teenagers room, etc. Series of wooden furniture,And formation of luxury solid wood、Contracted Europe type、The three styles such as modern fashion products。Craig household for customers at the same time real wood particle board and solid wood multi-layer ring...

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Our service Our mission
Professional Focus With your heart Quality Process

Our mission
Our mission

Provide household overall solution,Innovation leads the human health life。

Corporate vision
Enterprise vision

With the continuous efforts of ziggy household,Make the home for our immeasurably better。

Core values
Core values

Quality comes from details,Services to create value。

Core strengths
Core advantage

Provide overall household demand for personalized service for consumers

Service one-stop custom furniture One-stop customized furniture service
Ten years of wind and rain,Ten years of cultivation,14Years of persistence,Attentively to first-class enterprise to provide first-class office environment
A fashionable modern office environment

Custom expert

Information base,The size of the float subsequently inside,Sophisticated production equipment,Fully automatic assembly line production
For peer industry status and recognized

A culture of office environment

Focus,To create the best brand in China custom

The concept of complete absorb and retain the system furniture essence:The whole household space as a system,
The integrity of the emphasis on decoration design。

An efficient office of office environment

Good furniture,Attentively service

Focused on the special needs of custom household products,In order to"Home、People"The feelings of the special Angle of view,
Strive for to more human、The varieties、Personalized products more harmonious、The perfect home。

A comfortable and healthy work environment

Good furniture,With the core service

Starting from the core,Build quality furniture brand,
Insist on starting from the source to control the quality。In the base material、Environmental protection、Hardware、Appearance、Many aspects, such as installation,Dot the I's and cross the t's,With all my heart。

A rapid development for business office environment

Customize the exclusive space,Happy times

Customize according to the needs and preferences of the family,According to the household environment of space and door model design,
Will customize and household decorate a design effectively together。

Case diagram Case diagram
Corporate image display window,Team energy accumulation、The stage to show talent,Win-win partners hand in hand、The birthplace of value creation

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