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Sanya collective wedding
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The bodhi culture communication co., LTD., established in nanjing gold1998Years6Month,2009Years8The month after notice changes,2009Years9Month to receive、Collective wedding network operations。

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       The collective wedding-China's collective wedding network was established1990Years1Month,Is China's ministry of industry and registration for the record。Is the present domestic only by sina in the wedding industry、Tencent、Baidu、360、Trusted and other official certification of legal units,Please beware of fake。

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Sanya collective wedding


Lijiang collective wedding network
Lijiang collective wedding

Lijiang River

Xiamen collective wedding network
Xiamen collective wedding


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Thailand's collective wedding


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Recently received a report,Someone is using cheap long domain names、Bad domain name,Fake I stand a collective wedding in the name of fraud。The statement:Their behavior belong to illegal activities。

Walker,We will reserve the right to shall be investigated for their legal responsibility。Against the collective wedding deceived,Please look for the collective wedding national chain logo。

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Happy experience

Sanya collective wedding ceremony
Sanya collective wedding:

       Sanya collective wedding location in faraway places scenic spot、Super five-star hotel private lawn、One of the frontline seaview honour enjoy romantic shallow beach。

       Due to counterfeit、The influence of the fraud group wedding,Every wedding will adopt different flowers、Different color、Change of scene layout。

Lijiang collective wedding ceremony
Lijiang collective wedding scene:

       Lijiang is a beautiful scenery、Has a long history、Splendid culture of the city,We abandon the traditional wedding mode,To switch to the jade dragon snow mountain、Overlooking a panoramic view、All flowers wedding design。

       Lijiang and belong to ethnic minorities and colorful life、Different style、Naxi thrives,We choose naxi new wedding dress,Experience the different region amorous feelings、Passion and vitality。

The collective wedding ceremony in xiamen
Xiamen collective wedding scene:

       Xiamen due to the geographical environment and historical background factors,With a lot of overseas Chinese、Returned overseas Chinese and Hong Kong、In Australia、Taiwan compatriots。Influenced by regional outside culture and edification,Xiamen collective wedding characteristic is very outstanding:In the sea、Enjoy romantic、Perfect interpretation、Love is all about!

       Xiamen is a city MinNa beautiful pure and fresh,Air and sunshine is very good。During the honeymoon travel,Not only did we visit at xiamen university and gulangyu island,Will also visit a shining pearl of eastern civilization、Ancient Chinese architecture、Unique myth legend in the world:Yongding tulou。

Nanjing collective wedding ceremony
Nanjing collective wedding scene

       Nanjing is more than six thousand years of civilization、Important birthplace of Chinese civilization、One of four big ancient capital。So,We are under the purple mountain、The xuanwu lake,The unique design for new people a、Chinese and western two romantic wedding ceremony。

       Nanjing collective wedding,Along with the《The wedding march》Ring,The grand opening of lovers in their garden green lawn。After the ceremony to western-style church wedding,Solemn、Divine。Entering the Chinese wedding your evening,Lively celebrations、Thanksgiving parents。

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A collective wedding
The collective wedding

The elder held in major cities throughout the country、Collective wedding of scenic tourist destination。

Honeymoon travel at home and abroad
Honeymoon travel

Groups on a regular basis,Romantic couples、Married couple、Anniversary couple held honeymoon tourism at home and abroad。

Hosting company、Enterprise collective wedding
The wedding

For each big companies、Business entity、Branches、Real estate investment, etc,The custom for the opening、The celebration、Memorial、The welfare of all kinds enterprise collective wedding, etc。

Aerial、Rocker arm、Take propaganda
The rocker aerial

Through the detailed plan,For the enterprise、Institution to make high-quality goods promotion,Through the camera lens show enterprise development planning。

At nanjing etiquette celebration
Etiquette celebration

Provide national dance、Etiquette、The celebration、Host、Photography services。Late and has a strong team,Can satisfy any desired effect,Bring visual experience of Hollywood blockbusters。

Lijiang、Nanjing、Sanya wedding photography
Wedding photography

In Beijing、Nanjing、Sanya、Lijiang、Xiamen、Pattaya six cities,Provide custom wedding photography services for the couple。

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